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is an anime that may not entirely fall into the magical girl genre, but is close enough for the intents and purposes of this wiki. The show, taking place a while into the future, is about the nine trainees of the idol group AKB0048, all of them working to make it big inside the group. However, they have more than the usual obstacles of competition and harsh rules- half of the known universe views them as international terrorists, as entertainment is strictly forbidden on many of the planets that the human race now resides on. Aside from singing and dancing, the pop group uses teamwork and technology to fight the groups that oppose them and protect their many fans.

Why you should watch itEdit

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from left: Chieri, Yuka, Kanata, Orine, Makoto, Nagisa, Mimori, Suzuko, Sonata

AKB0048 is pretty much the baby of Star Wars, Precure, and Sugar Sugar Rune (TV Tropes describes it more as "iDOLM@STER meets 1984" though). It has all things that people watch magical girls for- great friendships, great clothes, great action scenes, great conflict. It also very realistically portrays the friendships between very different girls, the relationships between sisters, and the hard work needed to achieve dreams. The two main messages of AKB0048 are that you are never at the top of the mountain, there is always something to strive for, and that with friends, you can do anything.


  • Some people may not count this as a magical girl show
  • The first season is available on Hulu.