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Ame-comi Girls 
is a manga-inspired DC comic set in a universe where all superheroes and supervillains are female. As a variety of threats emerge, alliances and teams are formed to battle for Earth and other worlds. On top of their super-lives, the girls deal with their parents, legal issues, and the problems in their civilian lives. 

Why you should read itEdit

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Clockwise from top left: Powergirl, Robin, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Steel, Flash, and Supergirl

Ame-comi is a delightful introduction to the DC universe and the superheroes that reside within, and while not entirely a magical girl comic, it has all the same elements. While the characters tend to have abnormally large bosoms, their interactions are extremely well done. Each character has her own personality (from stubborn and willfull Diana to flirty, fun, crazy Duela to the very chipper and optimistic Jessie, with every other type of character in between). 


  • This series is an online webcomic. There is also a print version that is released once a month and is easily purchased at local comic book stores for $3.99 USD.
  • The series is based off of the line of manga-inspired DC heroines figurines.