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Angel Moxie 
is an original webcomic focused on sixth grader Alex O'Connor, who is granted a magical wand and an extreme duty in a dream- she has to save the world. Though the task seems daunting beyond belief, Alex, her mentor mascot cat Miya, and her two best friends Riley and Tristan soon get into the swing of the saving the world thing, although villains, ancient legends, parental involvement, and their own friendship threaten to destroy it.

Why you should read itEdit


Clockwise from top, Alex, Riley, and Tristan

With four parts and over six hundred pages, Angel Moxie isn't the quickest read in the world. However, it makes up for it by being incredibly engaging, humorous, and altogether original. It sometimes has a Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibe to it, poking at pop culture and the dynamics between people, but with a more magical girly twist. It also has the rare distinction of toying with a darker plotline without becoming too dark of a series.


  • Angel Moxie can be viewed both legally and free
  • There are also buyable books for the series- one for each part, plus a giant compilation with bonus features.