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H2O: Just Add Water 
is a live action magical girl series. Season One focuses on Cleo, Emma, and Rikki, three friends living in an oceanside city near a mysterious island known as Mako. After accidentally getting stranded there, the three girls develop incredible powers over water and matter- though this magic comes at a price, for whenever they touch water, they transform from normal human girls into mermaids. Together, they must figure out if and how they should use their magic, and avoid being exposed by mermaid hunters.

Why you should watch itEdit

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From left: Emma, Cleo, and Rikki

A rare live action series, it plays that distinction well by being incredibly realistic- the girls hide their powers out of fear of becoming experiments, the magic frequently gets them in trouble with teachers, bosses, parents, and other adults, jeapordizes their romantic lives, and is usually played as more of a curse than a gift. Despite this, the show has the optimism and humor that many magical girl fans adore.


  • This series has two more seasons, as well as an upcoming spinoff.
  • This show is available to watch streaming on Netflix.