Mako Mermaids

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Mako Mermaids 
is an upcoming live action magical boy/magical girl show. It is a spin off of the popular show H2O: Just Add Water, though as far as we currently know, none of the original characters will make an appearance. The show's plot is nearly the opposite of H2O, and focuses on three mermaids named Nixie, Lyla, and Sirena who are banished from their pod after allowing the human boy Zac to gain mermaid powers. To regain their positions among the mermaids, they are forced to take to land and trick Zac into becoming purely human again. They soon realize that it is more difficult a mission than they first believed, especially since none of them know much about the world on land.


  • This series is due to begin airing in May of 2013 and run for 26 episodes.