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Sailor Nothing 
is a mature multimedia webstory focusing on sixteen year old Shoutan Himei, a veteran magical girl who has been fighting as Sailor Salvation for five years. Without a team to help her- in fact, she is the only magical girl that she knows exists- she has encountered more injuries and horrific memories than she can bear. As Himei grows more and more unstable, she is fired from magical girl duty, and struggles to return to a happy, normal life.

Why you should read itEdit

Sailor nothing

Himei and Dusty, with Magnificent Kamen lurking in the background.

Sailor Nothing is unlike any other magical girl series, and definitely one of the darker parts of the genre. With incredibly scary parts, bone chilling descriptions, and an interesting (if sometimes similar to Sailor Moon) plot, it is a must for anyone who likes both horror and magical girls.


  • The author (Stefan Gange) claims that, contrary to popular belief (and despite having a character named Ami), Sailor Nothing is not a Sailor Moon fanfiction.
  • This story is rated mature due to rape, language, abuse, self-harm and suicide attempts, and heavy violence.
  • Sailor Nothing can be viewed both legally and free.